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14 Feb 2017

Posted by karen
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special promo:  DON'T WAIT FOR SPRING!

Over the past seven years I’ve worked with many of you in nutrition workshops and one-on-one consultations - helping you redirect for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Thank you for this privilege and hurrah for you in your achievements!

Don't stop now.

But....over these years I have noticed something. Womens' thoughts and emotions often get them stuck in emotional eating patterns, which interfere with their long term health and weight goals. Whether personally, or for my clients - this is not a fit with my vision for longstanding, sustainable success for wholeness! 

some of the thoughts that capture and crush hope for healthy change

  • self-blame for lack of control and having no will power over eating habits - leading to frustration
  • why bother buying a new outfit - I am so fat I look horrible in whatever I wear
  • I just don't have what it takes - I'm done with trying to lose weight and make changes!
  • if I could exercise harder I might not be so uncomfortable in my body

some coaching tools to help you change your mindset to shift from shame and disgust towards freedom

  • becoming aware of triggers
  • recognizing and re-structuring limiting thoughts
  • focusing on progress not perfection
  • nourishing ALL of you 

Thoughts that aren't true can trigger emotions which lead to actions, choices you aren't happy with. 

I want to help you with this introductory deal-of-all-deals offer to help you be able to stop the track you're on and not wait any longer. Real food will always matter......and so does breaking through emotional eating road blocks to discover a healthy and emotionally solid relationship with that food

DON'T WAIT FOR SPRING PROMO - Nutrition and Mindset Coaching Package 

 THREE 1-hour Sessions: online or in-person

 Additional Support by Email, Private FB Group 

$225.00   $175.00 CDA -  OFFER ENDS MARCH 21, 2017 


Not sure if you are stuck in faulty thinking or emotional eating?

Look at this checklist to help you find out.

If you are ready for hopeful, healthy change, first contact me here and book a FREE discovery call. This is a non-obligation 20-minute conversation when we can discuss whether your needs and my services are a good fit for working together. 

I'm excited to hear from everyone who takes advantage of this offer! March 21/17 it's over

Here is what others are saying about this coaching approach.

"Karen is an invaluable coach in dealing with issues of emotional eating.  She helped me to look inward through a variety of exercises to discover what my emotional triggers were in regards to unhealthy food choices.   Karen is a great listener, asks the right questions, empathizes and makes you feel understood.  She leads you on a journey to see the positive in yourself, set boundaries and to deal with those nagging thoughts that trip you up.  I highly recommend Karen to help you start a healthier journey in life."  

2016 Heather Drysdale, Artist  -Heather Drysdale Studios  

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