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14 Feb 2017

Posted by karen
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I LOVE my work - and am celebrating my newest services with this special introductory offer.

Over the past seven years I’ve worked with many of you through nutritional workshops and consultations - helping you redirect for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Thank you for this privilege! 

Keep moving ahead on your health journey.

As successful as this has been for you and me I have felt that though it is helpful knowing all the right foods to eat, following a menu plan, keeping a food log, etc. –  there was something missing. To be honest I felt restricted in my knowledge and understanding to help my clients for long term health goals for body, soul and spirit! That frustration prompted me a year ago to begin studying, training and applying myself to personal mentorship in cognitive coaching.

Drum Roll.........

Now I’ve added this cognitive thinking component to my nutrition work, coaching clients how to re-structure problematic (i.e. faulty) thinking and how to break through emotional eating road blocks. I've been using my new skills and am sharing below a satisfied client story.  It is possible for you to discover and maintain a healthy and emotionally solid relationship with food.

To celebrate my latest services, I am sharing an introductory offer:


3 One-hour Online Coaching Sessions – Meeting Every Two Weeks

Personal Email Support and Membership to Private FB Group

Special Introductory Price: Nutrition and Cognitive Coaching for Emotional Eating

$225.00 (Canadian - tax included)


Not sure if you are stuck in faulty thinking or emotional eating?

Look at this checklist to help you find out. If you are open for change and think you are ready, first contact me here and book a discovery call: a free 20-minute conversation where we can discuss whether your needs and my services are a good fit for working together. 

I am so grateful to be doing the work I do. I am so excited to hear from you soon!

Satisfied client story

"Karen is an invaluable coach in dealing with issues of emotional eating.  She helped me to look inward through a variety of exercises to discover what my emotional triggers were in regards to unhealthy food choices.   Karen is a great listener, asks the right questions, empathizes and makes you feel understood.  She leads you on a journey to see the positive in yourself, set boundaries and to deal with those nagging thoughts that trip you up.  I highly recommend Karen to help you start a healthier journey in life."  

2016 Heather Drysdale, Artist  -Heather Drysdale Studios  


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