double happiness - spring and GF brownies!

14 May 2015

Posted by karen
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I'm looking out my office window to a most welcome view: a river without ice, green grass rather than a mini-mountain of snow, cheery daffodils worshiping the sun after a long season under a thick white blanket! I LOVE IT!


Chocolate is a good addition to a day of sunshine and flowers - especially this not-so-sweet gluten-free brownie recipe.

Click for recipe for Sweet Potato Brownies.

May you too be blessed with hope and health and happiness.

P.S. Let me know how you like the brownies!


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Spring season is always pleasant for everyone. I like to sit in my lawn or in park to do my work of formatting assignments in the season of spring. In this way I feel really good and amazing. This blog also make me feel fresh and healthy because of the picture that is attached in this blog.

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