Coaching for Holistic Health and Emotional, Problematic Eating

24 Feb 2014

Posted by karen
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 I am a Coach for Emotional Eating and a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant

-- I have a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - using the foundation that we are all created individually,complex beings of body, soul and spirit.

-- In my nutrition consulting I use real foodnot shakes, pills or packages and not a one-formula-for-all approach 

-- as an emotional and problematic eating coach I can help guide you from being unhappy and unhealthy find food freedom for mind and body. Read this checklist  to discover if you are stuck in emotional and problematic eating and how to contact me  for your free mini session.

Heather's Story -  


"Karen is an invaluable coach in dealing with issues of emotional eating.  She helped me to look inward through a variety of exercises to discover what my emotional triggers were in regards to unhealthy food choices.   Karen is a great listener, asks the right questions, empathizes and makes you feel understood.  She leads you on a journey to see the positive in yourself, set boundaries and to deal with those nagging thoughts that trip you up.  I highly recommend Karen to help you start a healthier journey in life."  

Heather Drysdale, Artist  -Heather Drysdale Studios  

The skills and services I offer:

-- one-on-one consultations, with recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle changes

-- individual or group wellness and weight loss programs

-- seminar presentations at women's functions, schools, business/corporations, community clubs 

Clients who use my services are those who are:

-- weary of too little energy and too much weight

-- not sure where to start to make real-food nutrition and lifestyle changes that will last long term

-- children and adults who have followed food guides and diets without achieving a healthy weight 

-- armed with nutritional information but feel mentally blocked by thoughts and beliefs 

Some of the practical help clients can expect:

-- what foods to eat to balance nutritional deficiencies, to help with mental clarity, energy and balancing blood sugar levels

-- what foods are the best fuel for your body type

-- techniques to restructure negative thoughts and develop a mindset that supports your intentions and goals

-- reviewing how exercise, attitude and emotion, sleep, stress management, etc. contribute to balanced health

-- an action plan that includes recipes, menus, healthy lifestyle recommendations

How you can connect with my services to help discover your solutions:

-- contact me through my contact page

-- we will have an initial meeting (in person, by phone, or online) to discuss your health concerns and goals to determine what is the best way to move ahead to meet those concerns, (i.e. a weight loss program, a review  of your current weekly diet with appropriate recommendations, a more in depth assessment of dietary and lifestyle habits with several follow-up appointments, etc.).

-- consultations and on-going appointments and sessions can be in person (where possible) or online.

-- for speaking engagements I will address details specifically to your group

-- fees are structured according to specific need: please check my Services and pages for programs and cost guidelines 

You Can Rewrite Your Story

Do you want to make changes for a more vibrant and wholesome life?  I want to help you achieve your  balanced-healthy-life story....just contact me to get started.


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