Eat This - Meal Salads and dressings e-book

06 Aug 2012

Posted by karen
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Salad meals take centre stage any time of the year -  and are top billing especially now with summer's bounty of garden greens and the cornucopia of fresh veggie toppings.

But don't stop there.

Make it a meal deal by adding cooked beans;  nuts and seeds; chunky fruit.

There is still something missing .... the dressing!!

This is what gives Eat This - Meal Salads & Whole Food Dressings "podium status" as compared to many other salad recipe books: Renee Tougas has included dressing recipes that bring nutritious satisfaction and delicious balance "to the plate."

 As a (w)holistic nutritionist I wholeheartedly recommend this product - as Renee's proud Mom, I am delighted to encourage my readers to buy this e-book. And as an affiliate I sincerely endorse this product; authentic to my philosphy and passion for real food nutrition.

Click at Fimby to purchase Eat This.  At $4.99 it's affordable to get one for yourself and a friend (know someone heading off to college?). These recipes have been successfully tested and tried for children too so don't forget the younger set in your circle of family and friends.

(P.S. there's non-salad recipes too - bonus!)

Salads and yummy dressings - you'll want Eat This... for your newest recipe resource.


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This book helps me a lot to find out the best dishes every day because the author covered lots of dishes. This is the best book for beginners I suggest you try it once.

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This book made my week because I got lots of recipes from this book and made for my family.If you are worried about it then just read this book and you love it.

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