Strawberry ice "cream" - dairy-less, sugar-less, flavour-ful

22 Feb 2012

Posted by karen
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Last week I spent Valentine's Day with my sister who lives in Alberta. For the record, we both have husbands who are our "true loves" but infortunately neither of them were there. In reality, her husband was as close as the other side of town, in the hospital (poor guy - the good news, he's since been discharged) - and my husband was at our home on the other side of the country. 

Us two girls needed a pick-me-up.
True to our personalities, my sister went out and bought us a rose (you can see a bit of it in the photo above) - I got busy in her kitchen. 

I was bent on making us a treat which didn't mean tossing aside good nutrition.

I found in the basement a dust-covered box containing a Donvier ice cream maker.
In the freezer were some frozen strawberries from last summer's pickings.
In the cupboard was a Magic Bullet blender, coconut milk, honey and vanilla extract (from Jamaica, no less!).
In my memory was a simple recipe I've often made from Whole Food Nutrition.

The recipe: strawberry-coconut ice "cream" without dairy and refined sugar.

I made a small batch as her Bullet wasn't a full-size blender (and really how much treat did the two of us need?!) but doubling the amount would have fit fine into the ice cream maker.
-- 1 can full fat coconut milk (check the label to ensure there's no added sugar)
-- 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries (other fruits like blueberries are equally as yummy)
-- 2-3 Tbsp. honey (could substitute with agave nectar or maple syrup)
-- 1-2 tsp. vanilla (I coaxed about 1 1/2 tsp out of the Jamaican bottle)
Place ingredients into blender and blend until smooth and creamy. To take good care of my sister's Bullet I stopped and started a couple times, but mixing doesn't take very long - especially if you have a stronger machine like a Vitamix. 
You can pour this immediately into the Donvier's frozen cannister but I let the blender and contents sit in the fridge and chill for about half an hour before doing so.
This type of ice cream maker requires turning the paddle about every minute or so - it was ready in 20-25 minutes.
Scoop it out of the cannister and into another container: let it sit in the freezer for about an hour before serving. It's okay to chill longer of course, but can get rock solid and has to sit out for quite a while before you can scoop it.
Honestly, this is the stage I could sit down and spoon up! Creamy, smooth, punched full of strawberry and coconut flavours.
Not as good as sharing the day with my life-long Valentine (another story - how I still have the Valentine card my hubbie gave me in elementary school!) but this hit the spot for an occasion when "....all you need is love..." wasn't quite enough :)


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oooo, ok, this is the next treat I'm gonna make!  Thanks for sharing yet another great recipe!! :)

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Hi, Karen! I'm enjoying your luscious recipe ideas, and grateful to have your posts come to my email box. I just read the post on the Strawberry/Coconut "Ice Cream". How lucky we are! I buy frozen organic strawberries and keep them in my kitchen for smoothies and frozen treats. I discovered that the Ninja Master Prep's small workbowl is ideal, and unrivaled for making sorbets of all kind. It mixes and keeps things frozen, so I get "soft serve" in less than 5 minutes, since I use mostly pre-frozen ingredients. But, truthfully, using a lot of frozen berries will carry the cold into a room temperature half of a banana, which I use instead of the honey and coconut milk, since I am still in a weight loss mode.

The super news, IMO, is now the small Ninja workbowl is now sold with the motor, on its own. I love my set, which included the 48 oz blender container, but instead of spending $37 U.S., The small kit is about $18. (I saw it at WalMart) As I have compared the results of trying to make sorbet using a full size Cuisinart, and the small "Mini-Prep" Cuisinart, and also had the "Bullet" style that you used, I can say from my experience that  the Ninja is much more effective and faster than any of them.  

Well, I think I need to toodle into the kitchen and freeze some cubes of Coconut milk for a wonderful treat! Thanks again! Pat in NH

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Sounds like quite a little work horse, especially if it can handle frozen fruits. So basically you just mix it and put it in the freezer and it keeps it soft-frozen, without having to stir it by hand or electricity?

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Thank you for sharing this!  I've been making "ice cream" in my food processor by blending up frozen bananas and adding vanilla extract.  I tried this tonight in my food processor, following your recipe but subtracting the honey and adding in 2 frozen bananas - my kids ate it straight away, and declared it awesome.  I could've put it in the freezer to harden up, but right out of the processor it was a soft-serve consistency.  Perfect for a quick, nutritious dessert. (my food processor is a cheapy GE from WalMart, and it handled this without a problem)  This is definitely a repeat recipe for us!

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Hi Karen. I've given you a blog award; You can check it out here, if you want:

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How kind to gift me with this award. I'll certainly follow through the steps of accepting it and forwarding encouragement on to other bloggers. 

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I LOVE healthy food (Natural health major) and was just googling coconut ice cream no refined sugar and saw this!  Yeah! I have a vitamix so I will go make some right now.  I am in the middle of the game on diet (more about it on my blog) and needed a dessert for a friend coming with no refined sugar and that was healthy.  YEAH!!! I'm at if you want to stop by.  I will be back for more but I better go run and make this before my company comes in a few minutes!  Thanks so much.  Love your blog!!

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This will probably become a standby - so many fruits to mix up the variety. Will soon be checking out "aprons and apples." It's wonderful to meet a kindred health foodie. 

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