"Live Long - Die Short"

21 Jan 2012

Posted by karen
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Live Long, Die Short: this pithy phrase is not original - the marketplace and world-wide web have a showcase of books and videos expressing someone's take on this message.

Here is mine.
The first I heard this expression was from a good friend. He had been a guest, staying with people connected with his work. The hostess was complaining about not feeling well, tired of having too much weight and too little energy, etc. etc. From his observations, all of the above were true - my friend who lives what he preaches (no doubt he had his greens and home-ground mix of oats and seeds along for his breakfast :) asked her, "do you want to live short and die long or live long and die short?"
She chose to move towards the latter: made healthy changes to her diet, lost weight, and a year later was training for her first marathon. At last report, this continues to be a good news story.
The media is telling us it won't be far in the future before there will be more Canadians 65 years and older than those 40 years and under. The condensed version of that story translates to the capability of the population's earning power, which is a hand-off to the financial support for the country's essential services. 
Health care being one of the primary pots: and I add, a pot that appears to have holes. Health problems require medical/hospital care - which can include Rx precriptions.
Another recent word on the street? Insurance coverage for some prescription drugs is going to decrease. Add that to those insurance plans where you have to pay upfront and wait. Or, like possibly the majority (this is my "statistic"), you don't have insurance beyond the basic health care as above mentioned.
We have a problem. I will not say, "prepare yourself, it's only going to get worse" as my viewfinder defaults to the positive angle.
But it looks like "the force is against us" - what can we do? 
I am not suggesting we can add to "the number of our days" - I believe God alone is privy to that information - however, I do think our nutrition and lifestyle choices contribute to the quality of those days.

Here's a "mini-mum" version to "the long and the short" in the right places.



-- eat real, whole food: not the processed stuff - weigh in big-time on vegetables and fruits
-- reduce white: sugar, flour, rice - eliminate hydrogenated oils


-- elevate our heart rate so we sweat, at least 3-4x/week
-- do some physical activity everyday


-- do meaningful work (this doesn't always have to be about money)
-- build and nurture relationships with other people

Mental health:

-- practice an attitude of thankfulness
-- include soul-care in daily schedule
Six years ago, January 11th, my Mother died - following six months of being unwell due to an "unknown cause" and a brief period of hospitalization. She was two months away from her 80th birthday. At the time I believed, "Mom would have hated to lay in bed, sickly for endless weeks and months" but yet I struggled with accepting that she had gone so fast.
Now I finally get it. Mom is my personal, wonderful, story of "Live Long, Die Short". 
Preach it: do it. The life you live depends on it.


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Nice entry Karen! And that cubby office looks perfect :)

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Thanks, Lynn. I have an office I use when I need to "spread-sheet" on a larger desk. But I love my little nook if I want to be closer to the action.

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Hi there!

I absolutely love your blog and was looking forward to my second issue. You have a wonderful writing style (not too long) and great photographs. I wondered if you may want to look at reducing the file size for your photos (do a test on with a lower resolution to see if you like the clarity). Your photos are taking a little long to render (draw) on the page and sudies show people may "bounce" off your site if it doesnt' load (completely) within very few seconds.

Thanks for the awesome content. I'm all set to make that recipe from last week Korean Sauerkraut.


karen's picture

Thanks for your kind comments, Nancy, and I especially appreciate your photo suggestions. I am going to do a test - this blog is a stretching experience for me! Have fun making the Kimchi - I'm making some tomorrow. Think I'm hooked. 

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thanks for the good reminders, Sis, and also for the tribute to Mom, for that is how she lived~~


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Yes, she did. I thought it and said it before - I finally honestly get it. Weren't we ever blessed to have our Mom.

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This is a great post. I've actually cropped the text and printed it to put in my journal as a reminder to live by my values.

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Appreciate your kind words, Annie. Nice to hear from someone else who uses hard copy reminders!

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Truly a wonderful post, Karen. This past summer my family and I were staying at a B&B in Drumheller and met a group of fit and joyful folks in their 70's. We sat around, outside, chatting and I was so impressed by their health, energy and outlook on life and decided, "that is what I want!" Both now, at 40, and hopefully later, at 70 too.

I blogged a bit this morning about my experience, thus far, with nutritional health counseling ;)

karen's picture

So true - seeing others live out what you want to be both now and later is so inspiring. Having the desire is probably the most important thing. I read your blog - I'm happy to be sharing your nutritional health and your educational process! Great to hear from you.

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Loving reading thru your entries!  making the quinoa/squash tonight- yummy!


wondering if you use sea salt and an iodide supplement? or how do you get your iodide?

just realized that we've been using sea salt with no regard for iodide :(


thank you

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Yes, I do use sea salt and a powdered kelp supplement. I also eat sea vegetables - dulce and nori - to ensure I get my iodine. Check out my "eye for iodine" post http://www.realfoodmatters.ca/node/25. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the quinoa dish!

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your quinoa/squash recipe is the .best.


I have tried so many quinoa recipes and most are just flops!

Not yours-



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So glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know.

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Indeed real good does matter, aim to live long and healthy life for paperial too. Nutrition, exercises, mental health and lifestyle really does help you live better and happily, much appreciated post share.

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