Healthy Holiday Eating Workshop - a Sneak Peak

02 Dec 2011

Posted by karen
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We don't have to expect dietary damage control in January.

We can plan to prepare and eat healthy foods for our holiday-Christmas eating.

My Healthy Holiday Eating Workshop will help you to be ready:

--when you're the hostess - healthy nutritional alternatives
                                                 - accommodating food sensitivities
--when you're the guest - tips on 'holding your healthy line'
                                             - suggestions on offerings you can share  
--for the days in between 'the parties' 

What you can expect:

--tasting and sampling
--gluten-free options
--flavorful, sweet treats - without refined sugar
--take-home recipes and nutrition notes for the above
--to have fun

When and Where:

--Monday, December 12
--6:30 - 8:00-ish
--Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
Contact me for registration and information. Limited seating - register early!
Some of the fixings for quinoa - roasted squash salad. It is fresh, flavorful - and festive (taste and see the finished product at the workshop - my photo accidentally got deleted from my memory card :(
Give yourself a Christmas gift...set yourself up for Healthy Holiday Eating.


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Sounds like a GREAT workshop, would LOVE to attend but sadly live too far away.  Here's to hoping you'll be posting said recipe suggestions for those of us farther away?? :)

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Sorry you can't make it. Workshop participants will enjoy sampling a variety of tasty foods - and during this holiday season I'll include a sampling of those recipes on the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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San's picture

I'm following you via your daughter Renee.  Gee, I wish you lived near me!!!  Any chance you'll post some of your healthy holiday eating notes via the blog?



karen's picture

I will post a few eating-healthy-in-the- holidays highlights. Sorry you're too far away to be part of  the tasting and demos :( Thanks for stopping by.

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Hmmm, sounds so tempting, I'm only an hour away but the kids have activities tonight. I'd sure love to go!

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Family life is a full life. Hope you can make it another time.

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