Choosing Real Food on the Road

24 Sep 2011

Posted by karen
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I just returned from a week's vacation. My husband and I explored (mostly by car, some by bicycle) East Coast islands where we'd never been before, we practised our un peu français on patient restaurant waiters and shop keepers, and enjoyed the company of two friends-travel-mates.

Summer vacations for us are traditionally camping trips. These 'facilities' have been varied - a camper, trailer, van, a bare-bones cabin. Currently, our 3-person tent plus gear works well to "set up house"  where we can eat and sleep well: a home base for running, cycling, hiking, touring. This set-up suits both me and my husband from several angles - flexible options for our "home" base, it's conducive to physical activity and - especially important - we can cook the food we want to eat.

Our recent getaway was different, with a mix of accommodations, which translates into challenges for nutritional eating choices. 

A couple nights, the price for the "bed" included breakfast - not totally a take-what-you're served, but sort of. The first inn cooked up an omelette and dark-grain toast that was great - as wholesome as the other B&B guest, Nick, a serious cyclist from the U.K. who encouraged us to "go for it" on road-bike tours. (Yes to that!). Another day's petit dejeuner scored on presentation but it was mostly 'white' and sweet - its only redeeming quality was the inclusion of a few apple chunks. 

Craving home-cooking: checked in at a cottage with a kitchen.

So now we had  cooking facilities - which turned out for naught, other than some tools to prepare a tray of cheese, nuts and nachos to go with a glass of wine - and to brew morning coffee. Pretty pathetic considering my passion for healthy, real food. But that's what can happen with last minute planning and reservations (I won't elaborate how this came to be - and I'm not saying I don't like spontaneity).  When you find yourself perched on an ocean waterfront spot (albeit  a starkly beautiful one) whose only food options are at a local gas station-convenient store and a fish and chips shop, choices are limited

And healthy options are almost non-existent.

The convenient store was a definite no. Enter "the other" menu decision: fish and chips (which my husband regrettably ordered); pizza (which wasn't available after 5:00 p.m.); soup, salad or a burger. I'd had a decent veggie salad for lunch and I was suspect of the creamy soups so I opted for a fish burger. Real, flaky haddock  - not finely minced mystery meat. An acceptable and tasty choice.

Next day - ferry ride with our bicycles and stuffed paniers: destination Les Îles de la Madeleine, QC.

A five-hour ferry trip gave us ample time to decipher stumble our way through the French tour guidebooks - figuring out where to buy food, what to see and do. (One of our travel mates was bilingual but my brain worked hard to dredge up bits and pieces of my high school French.) A 5 kilometre bike ride from the ferry and we pulled in to our next "home",  a comfortable hostel-cabin built as a replica of the islands' fishing huts (closely resembling a miniature grain elevator). By then it was dark. No grocery shopping that night.

Empty the paniers  for breakfast options - not bad (if you skip the dark chocolate), but better saved for cycling snacks.

This is morning number four without cooked whole-grain cereal - I'm in withdrawal. Too bad. The biking snacks went into a panier for later and off we cycled for breakfast at a boulangerie-deli.  The local soft fromage  was yummy: my husband "went for French" with a croissant, my muffin looked like bran but wasn't close. A plain baquette would have been a better choice - what was I thinking?

I don't want to come across as a complainer. Overall I was having a good time, but food-wise, things had to improve - which they did.  About 40 kilometres later - literally at the end of the road on Île du Havre-Aubert.

Café de la Grave "Gets it"

I just knew it was going to be good as soon as I walked through the screen door, observed the patrons (and their plates of food) and absorbed the ambience of old wooden tables, books and an accordian sitting on a bench. And this cafe did not disappoint. How often do you see millet pie on a menu?! The pie's filling had shredded veggies, herbs, pine nuts, and of course, millet - all encased in just enough crust to house the whole yummy lot. With crisp, organic greens: I hit the jackpot!


We had "gas in our tanks" for the return ride.  A 10K stretch of the road bordered the Dune du Havre aux Basques, one of the five dunes that are signature features of these archipelago-type islands. 

Cycling is a great sport. The physical exertion leaves your body tired in a satisfied kind of way - and it munches a lot of calories. We were not going to have a repeat of no food to cook like the previous nights: a quick  stop at the Co-op store and our paniers bulged with fresh vegetables, salmon steaks and a bottle of wine.

Not far from "home"  I distinctly detected one of my favorite aromas. Roasting coffee beans.  

We'd passed by Cafés du Moussonneur several times since arriving on the island and had not clued in to what was in the non-descript building. Didn't know what we'd been missing.


The best americano misto we've ever drank.

As lovely as the drink's presentation was to behold, this mellow yet rich espesso elixir was divine. And it wasn't just because my standard one-cup-a-day had been hours ago, or that we'd been on a bike all day so energy levels were low. The "refill" on the next morning's visit  was equally wonderful.  That's when we found out the secret. The espresso they used is a combination of four beans, one of which they air-dry and shake the green beans on racks by the seashore, removing any bitterness before roasting. Can you believe it? 

A return trip to these islands is immiment: more days to cycle around all the islands but equally alluring, is to have another Camacho espresso coffee.

Too soon we were re-tracing our journey home, on the ferry with plenty of time to reflect on the past few days. New experiences and sights were gifts to be thankful for. Yes, I was looking forward to my kitchen and well-stocked pantry, but this had been a good test in making food decisions with what was presently available.

And I made mental notes to be better prepared for next time - even if it's just bringing  a bag of rolled oats.




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Sounds wonderful all the way around! I've been thinking we should get some bikes. This is reinforcing that idea! 

The espresso coffee sounds divine! It all sounds good. What a lovely vacation. You are inspiring. Thank you.

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I didn't meant to post anonymously.....

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I have those moments too. Thanks for stopping by and let me reinforce that thought to get a bicycle. Often I just go for a bike ride on the beautiful roads where I live, but sometimes I also get errands done - like fetching the mail, going to the library, etc. Double bonus.

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Cycling enhances my fitness levels - and blogging is expanding my mental capacities. While dealing with spam, I accidentally deleted a comment I truly appreciated. My apologies to Granola Girl.

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Thanks for stopping by - and hope you can soon find time to do more cooking. It's great fun and delicious too.

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