23 Sep 2016

Posted by karen
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I'm tired of being stuck.

Not writing on my blog because it desperately needs a renovation and feeling guilty because I haven't made steps to fix it.

Not having clarity on the direction of my vision and mission.

Not feeling congruent in my work and my values.

The redemptive part of being stuck is being forced to look at what's happening around you, and within you.

Which for me has been discovering....

Through social media and email it's possible to meet and stay connected to my "tribe" without a strong website presence. 

Coaching clients to lose excess weight and gain health is rewarding - a meaningful extension of the health fundamentals I believe in and live myself. 


It's apparent to me I need a blog - web source for a landing and launch pad.  I have some creative writing juice and I don't want to lose it. 

Partnering with In Balance  and its successful program syncs with my philosophy for a holistic lifestyle. But yet, in my Real Food Matters message I feel a vital part is missing to empower people (predominantly women) to live vibrant, inspired healthy lives for body, spirt and soul.

So...I'm reaching for my paddle to get moving!

My blog will have a face lift. I haven't discussed details with the "plastic surgeon" but it will be different yet still look like me!

I'm digging within, listening to nudges and nigglings of what I feel to be true, and nailing down my vision.

My relationship with God and what he thinks and believes about me (us) is the basis of my life. Embedding this as the foundational stone in my work has been a missing piece - and I need it, to be congruent (to fit, be in agreement) with me as a Christian woman, facilitator and coach for the women of faith I wish to work with.

We all get stuck. Thankfully some helpful coaching has me moving on the journey to figure out the "why and how" to move beyond it.

 My blog will take a deep breathe, survive and thrive.

Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned for the changes I am excited about, ready for, and which I believe will serve my readers well.

I welcome comments and please get in touch here if you too are feeling stuck.


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Much obliged to you for your understanding. It would be ideal if you stay tuned for the progressions I am amped up for, prepared for, and which I accept will work well for my per users. I'm burrowing inside, tuning in to prods and trivial of what I suffer to be valid.

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